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Huang Yue

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Huang Yue
(1960 – )

Huang Yue, created a new oil painting style and form – Huang Yue Bird-Flower Oil Painting in year 2000; was one of the Directors of the Committee of 2012 London Olympic Fine Arts Assembly; the Founder of Huang Yue Charitable Art Foundation; and the Ambassador of the Charity “Ministry of Civil Affairs China”. In year 2013, Los Angeles County issued Huang Yue with an honorable certification to recognize his contributions to art internationally. In the same year he was awarded “Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award” by American National Cultural and Arts Committee. In year 2014 he obtained the Gold Awards for World Famous Chinese in Los Angles, USA. In year 2015, the Italian government issued an honorary certificate in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the cultural exchange between China and Italy. On July 17, 2017, Huang Yue became the first Chinese artist honored with "A Knight of the Italian Republic". On January 13, 2017, the Italian Honorary Committee approved to honor Huang Yue with "A Knight of the Italian Republic" based on the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and the No.87 Constitution of Republic of Italy; the President of Republic of Italy Sergio Mattarella awarded Huang Yue "A Knight of the Italian Republic". In year 2017, the House of Representatives of the United States issued Huang Yue an honor certificate. In the very same year, Huang Yue was presented with the prestigious “Artistic Achievement award” by New York City Hall for his contributions to the Sino-USA culture communications as an artist. The paintings created by Huang Yue have been collected by national and international well-known places and families such as China National Academy of Painting, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the Chinese People Political Consultative Conference, Zhong Nan Hai, the Conference Center of National People’s Congress, the Great Hall of the People, Jing Xi Hotel, the United Nations, the Italian Government, the National Irish Bank, the President Office of Irish, the Rothschild Family and the Rockefeller Family, and won many awards such as London Olympic Art Exhibition Gold Award in 2012 and the 20th International Art Exhibition Gold Award of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of art in 2014. Huang Yue’s published album has been collected by the National Library of China and Taipei’s National Palace Museum. In year 2017, Huang Yue’s Flowers and Birds color ink paintings were collected by world leaders from 26 countries which are including Ban Ki-moon, the former Secretary-General of UN; Romano Prodi, the two sessions of Prime Minister of Italy, and the President of the European Commission; The Rt. Hon Jean Chretien, the former Prime Minister of Canada; HE Mr. Bertie Ahern, the Ireland's former Prime Minister; Simon Coveney, the Ireland's Vice Prime Minister; Christian Wilhelm Walter Wulff, the Germany's former President; Dominique de Villepin, the former French Prime Minister; HE Mr. Andrés Pastrana Arango, the former President of Colombia; Peter Roman, the former Romanian Prime Minister; Ricardo Lagos, the former President of Chile; Hamadi Jebali, the Tunisian former Prime Minister; Felipe Calderon, the former Mexican President; HE Mr. Olusegun, the former President of Nigeria; The Rt. Hon. James Bolger, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand; HE Dr. Abdel Salam Majali, the former Prime Minister of Jordan; HE Mr. Benjamin Mkapa, the former President of Tanzania; HE Mr. Peter Medgyessy, the former Prime Minister of Hungary; HE Mr. Viktor Yushchenko, the former President of Ukraine; HE Dr. Danilo Turk, the former President of Slovenia; HE Mr. Konstantinos Simitis, the former Prime Minister of Greece; HE Dr. George Vassiliou, the former President of Cyprus; HE Dr. Oscar Arias, the former President of Costa Rica; HE Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the former Malaysia Prime Minister; The Rt. Hon. Sir James Mitchell, the former Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; the Grenadines former Prime Minister; The Rt. Hon. the Baroness Margaret Jay of Paddington, Leader of the House of Lords (UK); Mr. Bill F. Weld, the former Governor of Massachusetts; HE Mr. Tung Chee Hwa, the former Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in China; HE Dr. Viktor Zubkov, the former Prime Minister of Russia. In year 2014, the Rockefeller family held an exhibition for Huang Yue. The Rockefeller family members from their four generations came and participated in the Huang Yue Painting Exhibition held at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve Art Gallery, New York, USA - “Huang Yue Nature's Divine Impressions”

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