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Ceramics & Stoneware

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Tile with Floral Design   Syrian Artist, Unknown   Polychrome stonepaste (fritware) tile with transparent glaze  16th-17th century 
Conical Oinochoe   Greek Artist, Unknown   Terracotta  740-700 BCE 
Red-figure pelike   Aison   Terracotta  420-390 BCE 
Red figure Calyx Krater with Eos and Tithonos   Group of Polygnotos   Terracotta  440-425 BCE 
White ground black-figure lekythos fragment with Amazon   Inscription Painter   Terracotta  460-250 BCE 
Attic Red-Figure Hydria Fragment   Nikoxenos Painter   Ceramic  520-510 BCE 
Black-Figure Lekythos with chariot and hoplite   Haimon Painter   Ceramic  500-470 BCE 
Teabowl, Shuwari   Kawabata, Kentaro   Porcelain  2012 
Double Chambered Whistling Vessel   Peruvian, Unknown   Pottery  circa 200-400 CE 
Peruvian Double-Lobed Vessel   Peruvian, Unknown   Pottery  1200-1400 CE 
Pharmacy Jar   Spanish Artist, Unknown   Earthenware  1440-1460 
Bowl with a Design Depicting a Double-Geese Medallion, Flying Cranes, and Clouds   Korean Artist, Unknown   Porcelain with celadon glaze  12th century 
Rice Bowl with Lid Depicting Peony Leaves   Korean Artist, Unknown   Stoneware with celadon glaze and white slip design  14th-15th century 
Ewer with a Boar-Head Spout and Design Depicting Lotus Plants and Flowers   Korean Artist, Unknown   Stoneware with celadon glaze  13th century 
Footed vase with lug handles   Egyptian Artist, Unknown   Basalt  4000-3500 BC 
Alabastron   Egyptian Artist, Unknown   Arragonite  664-525 BCE 
Liturgical Chalice   Seguso, Gianpaolo   Glass  2014 
Oribe Incense Burner   Shidemasa, Higashida   Stoneware   
Nayarit Head of a Man   Mexican, Unknown   Ceramic  ca. 100 BCE - 250 CE 
Sichuan Qin Player   Chinese Artist, Unknown   Earthenware  206 BCE - 220 CE 
Nayarit Seated Couple (Female)   Mexican, Unknown   Terracotta (Red ware)  200 BCE - 200 CE 
Nayarit Seated Couple (Male)   Mexican, Unknown   Terracotta (Red ware)  200 BCE- 200 CE 
Winged Bat Figure   Mexican, Unknown   Terracotta  250-500 CE 
Colima Seated Figure of a Whistler   Mexican, Unknown   Terracotta  ca. 300-900 CE 
Seated Female Figure   Mexican (Central Veracruzanx) Artist, Unknown   Terracotta  ca. 500 CE 

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