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Objects On Loan

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Alabastron   Egyptian Artist, Unknown   Arragonite  664-525 BCE 
Footed vase with lug handles   Egyptian Artist, Unknown   Basalt  4000-3500 BC 
Virgin and Child   Austrian, Unknown   Beechwood   
Dish   German Artist, Unknown   Brass   
Dish   German Artist, Unknown   Brass   
Bronze sestertius, Nero (54-68 CE)   Roman Artist, Unknown   Bronze  64-68 
Bronze drachm, Hadrian (117-137 CE)   Roman Artist, Unknown   Bronze  136-137 CE 
Bronze coin, Constantine I (307-337 CE)   Roman Artist, Unknown   Bronze  316-317 
Bronze follis, Justinian I (527-565 CE)   Byzantine, Unknown   Bronze  541-542 
Figurine of a panther or leopard, probably from a vessel   Syrian Artist, Unknown   Bronze  323 BCE - 256 CE 
Statue of Nefer-tem   Egyptian Artist, Unknown   Bronze  685-525 BCE 
Statue of Horus   Egyptian Artist, Unknown   Bronze  760-30 BCE 
Mirror with Dioskouroi   Etruscan Artist, Unknown   Bronze   
Attic Red-Figure Hydria Fragment   Nikoxenos Painter   Ceramic  520-510 BCE 
Black-Figure Lekythos with chariot and hoplite   Haimon Painter   Ceramic  500-470 BCE 
Medallion, St. Nicholas   Byzantine, Unknown   Cloisonne enamel, gold  11th century 
Torc   Celtic, Unknown   Copper alloy   
Armband   Celtic, Unknown   Copper alloy  1200-900 BCE 
Pharmacy Jar   Spanish Artist, Unknown   Earthenware  1440-1460 
Brooch, V-Shaped   Roman Artist, Unknown   Enamel   
Disk Brooch   Roman Artist, Unknown   Enamel on copper alloy   
Pyx   French, Unknown   Enamel on copper-gilt  1201-1300 
Portrait of Albrecht Dürer   German Artist, Unknown   Engraving on paper  1501-1600 
Leda and the Swan   Sebald Beham, Hans   Engraving on paper  1548 
Double Head Flask   Roman Artist, Unknown   Glass   

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