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Objects On Loan

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Virgin Fainting at the Cross   Flemish, Unknown   Oak   
Virgin Supported by Saint John   Flemish, Unknown   Oak   
Separation of Sheep and Goats   Byzantine, Unknown   Tesserae, glass in wooden frame   
Torc   Celtic, Unknown   Copper alloy   
Brooch, V-Shaped   Roman Artist, Unknown   Enamel   
Cloisonné Disk Brooch   Frankish, Unknown   Silver, garnets with patterned foils   
Virgin and Child   Austrian, Unknown   Beechwood   
Diptych: Scenes from the Life of Christ and the Virgin   French, Unknown   Ivory   
Disk Brooch   Roman Artist, Unknown   Enamel on copper alloy   
Bow Brooch   Frankish, Unknown   Silver-gilt on iron   
Dish   German Artist, Unknown   Brass   
Dish   German Artist, Unknown   Brass   
Silver tetradrachm   Greek Artist, Unknown   Silver   
Personification of Agora (Abundance of the Marketplace)   Roman Artist, Unknown   Mosaic   
Dragon Plaque   Chinese Artist, Unknown   Jade   
Double Head Flask   Roman Artist, Unknown   Glass   
Mirror with Dioskouroi   Etruscan Artist, Unknown   Bronze   
Jug with Dionysiac Symbols   Roman Artist, Unknown   Glass   
Bowl with a Design Depicting a Double-Geese Medallion, Flying Cranes, and Clouds   Korean Artist, Unknown   Porcelain with celadon glaze  1101-1200 
Medallion, St. Nicholas   Byzantine, Unknown   Cloisonne enamel, gold  11th century 
Armband   Celtic, Unknown   Copper alloy  1200-900 BCE 
Pyx   French, Unknown   Enamel on copper-gilt  1201-1300 
Ewer with a Boar-Head Spout and Design Depicting Lotus Plants and Flowers   Korean Artist, Unknown   Stoneware with celadon glaze  1201-1300 
Silver denarius, Sabina (117-137 CE)   Roman Artist, Unknown   Silver  128-136 CE 
Badge, Hart of Richard II   English, Unknown   Tin  1301-1500 

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