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AHST 104 - Art of Asia

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Head of Buddha   Cambodian, Unknown   Bronze  17th-19th century 
Sichuan Qin Player   Chinese, Unknown   Earthenware  206 BCE - 220 CE 
Figure of a Soldier   Chinese, Unknown   Painted Earthenware  Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) 
Sancai Glazed Groom   Chinese, Unknown   Glazed earthenware  Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) 
Sancai Glazed Groom   Chinese, Unknown   Glazed earthernware  Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) 
Dragon Plaque   Chinese, Unknown   Jade  ca. 3rd century BCE 
Seated Tirthankara   Indian, Unknown   Marble with black, gold and blue painted details  late 19th century - early 20th century 
Standing Female Figure   Indian, Unknown   Carved wood, with white paint  19th c. - 20th c. 
Gold Lacquer Writing Box with Cranes   Japanese, Unknown   Black lacquer, gold and silver foil details   early 19th Century 
Twisted pot, White Kohiki Glaze   Michikawa, Shozo   Stoneware  2009 
Teabowl, Shuwari   Kawabata, Kentaro   Porcelain  2012 
Soto Beach in Mutsu Province   Hiroshige, Utagawa   Woodblock print  1859 
Fuchu, The Abe River   Hiroshige, Utagawa   Woodblock print  early 20th century 
Nihonbashi Bridge in Edo   Hokusai, Katsushika   Woodblock print  early 20th century 
Spring Moon at Ninomiya Beach   Hasui, Kawase   Woodblock print  mid-20th century 
Woman on an outing with two female attendants (from "Current Manners in Eastern Brocade")   Kiyonaga, Torii   Color Woodblock Print on paper  1783 
Bowl with a Design Depicting a Double-Geese Medallion, Flying Cranes, and Clouds   Korean, Unknown   Porcelain with celadon glaze  12th century 
Rice Bowl with Lid Depicting Peony Leaves   Korean, Unknown   Stoneware with celadon glaze and white slip design  14th-15th century 
Ewer with a Boar-Head Spout and Design Depicting Lotus Plants and Flowers   Korean, Unknown   Stoneware with celadon glaze  13th century 
Tile with Floral Design   Syrian, Unknown   Polychrome stonepaste (fritware) tile with transparent glaze  16th-17th century 

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