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Coins and Numismatics

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Silver drachm   Greek Artist, Unknown   Silver  490-465 BCE 
Silver drachm   Greek Artist, Unknown   Silver  460-440 BCE 
Silver Tetradrachm, Alexander III (336-323 BCE)   Greek Artist, Unknown   Silver  315 - 294 BCE 
Silver tetradrachm   Greek Artist, Unknown   Silver   
Silver dridrachm   Greek Artist, Unknown   Silver  400-333 BCE 
Silver tetradrachm, Eumenes I (263-241 BCE)   Greek Artist, Unknown   Silver  263-241 BCE 
Silver tetradrachm, Antiochus III (204-197 BCE)   Syrian Artist, Unknown   Silver  204-197 BCE 
Silver denarius   Roman Artist, Unknown   Silver  47-46 BCE 
Bronze sestertius, Nero (54-68 CE)   Roman Artist, Unknown   Bronze  64-68 
Silver denarius, Sabina (117-137 CE)   Roman Artist, Unknown   Silver  128-136 CE 
Bronze drachm, Hadrian (117-137 CE)   Roman Artist, Unknown   Bronze  136-137 CE 
Bronze coin, Constantine I (307-337 CE)   Roman Artist, Unknown   Bronze  316-317 
Bronze follis, Justinian I (527-565 CE)   Byzantine, Unknown   Bronze  541-542 
Head of Orpheus with Lyre   Coudray, Marie Alexandre Lucien   Bronze  1899 
Portrait Medal of Pope Clement XIV Ganganelli   Cropanese, Filippo   Bronze  1774 
Portrait Medal of Paul III Farnese   Bonzagni, Gian Federico   Bronze  1549 (18th century restrike) 
Antoine Arnauld, Théologien et Philosophe, from the Galerie metallique des grands hommes Français   Depaulis, Alexis Joseph   Bronze  1817 
Portrait Medal of Victor Hugo   Borrel, Alfred   Bronze  1884 
Portrait Medal of the French Jesuit Louis Bourdaloue   Vivier, Mathias Nicolas Marie   Bronze  1820 
Pupilles de la Nation   Vernier, Émile Séraphin   Bronze   
Badge, Tudor Rose   English, Unknown   Tin  1401-1500  
Badge, Hart of Richard II   English, Unknown   Tin  1301-1500 
Coin, Groat of Henry VI   English, Unknown   Silver  1422-1427 
Portrait Medal of Pierre Corneille   Borrel, Alfred   Bronze  1872 

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